Pioneer and leading manufacturer of reed bed filter for wastewater treatment

We specialise in designing and constructing reed bed filters for wastewater treatment plants and have been certified ISO 14001. Experience in building more than 700 stations with a 10 to 6 000 people equivalent (PE) capacity makes us the leader and technical reference for this purification technique in France. Our R&D department has registered deposited five patents. Let us work with you to implement your wastewater treatment project.

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    Reed bed filters approved for individual home installations: a first in France

    EPUR NATURE has been authorised to market its AUTOEPURE process. INNOVEA ( +33 299854141) a subsidiary of CULTISOL, will manage the network of companies (public works, landscape specialists) created to install small-scale installations (< 20 PE). The ministry has validated the process developed by EPUR NATURE, where the next goal will be to obtain ministry approval for its 8-10-15 and 20 PE capacities. 

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  • Partnership to treat industrial wastewaters using reed filter beds

    EPUR NATURE signed an agreement with Naturally Wallace Consulting (NWC), an American company specialising in the same field. Through this agreement, offers can be made in France, Spain and Belgium (Wallon-part) for reed bed filter stations or other types of wetland filters for special industrial wastewaters, - planted filters for deicing operations (glycol) - wetland filtering systems to treat wastewaters from the oil and gas industry, to remove mine effluents laden with cyanide, iron and manganese, and various aromatic components (benzene, toluene) and other complex organic compounds sometimes found in the groundwaters of industrial wastelands.

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  • europa

    SLASORB, a European research project

    SLASORB is the European scientific project on wastewater treatment using steel slag for phosphorus removal. It is being funded by the European Commission’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) research program under grant agreement n°RFSP–CT–2009–00028.

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